Redkite coaching solutions

Supporting Parents, Carers and/or Professionals to incorporate an Observe, Do, Review approach into their practice that focuses their attention on what is relevant, negotiable and achievable.

Together we create bespoke and innovative solutions to presenting everyday challenges as well as to any longer-term issues.

Redkite coaching solutions

Supporting Parents, Carers and/or Professionals to incorporate an Observe, Do, Review approach into their practice that focuses their attention on what is relevant, negotiable and achievable.

Together we create bespoke and innovative solutions to presenting everyday challenges as well as to any longer-term issues.

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Redkite Coaching Solutions (RKCS)

Founded by Lyn Oualah, RKCS offers impartial advice, guidance and practical support for parents and professionals alike for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or other challenging, seemingly unmanageable behaviours. With more than thirty years of experience RKCS can help you to understand what lies behind the turbulent, problematic and often defiant behaviours in order to help the child to realise its potential to “Be Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a Positive Contribution and Achieve Economic Well-being”.

RedKite Coaching Solutions Special Educational Needs approved supplier to Reading Borough Council


Parent/Carer Special Educational Needs Services

Whatever your background, educational or professional standing, you will be in safe hands with RKCS and will NOT be judged! I will start from where you are currently and offer bespoke, personal 1:1 support that results in a proposed action plan that is implemented at a pace and which is determined and agreed by you. I can also attend or advocate on your behalf when having to deal with other agencies and professionals, acting as the “glue” that holds things together.

Our work together will give you the opportunity to develop and practise new strategies for dealing with the behaviour of your child as well as help you to respond in a way that sets a good example for other professionals to adopt or follow. As a result your self-belief, confidence and resilience as a parent will increase and your ability to develop a positive relationship with your child will be greatly strengthened.

It may, however, be more appropriate for you to attend one of my group programmes. A group setting would give you the chance to share experiences and receive additional support from other parents or carers in similar situations.

professional Special Educational Needs Services

RKCS can support professionals across a range of agencies such as CAMHS, Children’s Social Care, Early Intervention Services, the Police (Criminal Justice System) and Education (Schools and Colleges) to achieve positive change as well as meet service-led objectives and outcomes for all parties. I am a qualified teacher with 30+ years of classroom experience, during which time I have had first-hand knowledge and hands-on experience of intervention work with children and their families, parents or carers.

I can provide professionals and agencies with a range of resources and ideas to promote their engagement with families, parents or carers as well as further and develop their own Continuous Professional Development (CPD). I am skilled at increasing the likelihood of compliance of children and their families, parents or carers with a proposed intervention. When professionals or agencies are no longer involved or have closed the case, I can continue to help families, parents or carers to ensure that they are less likely to need recourse to these services or agencies in the future.

‘Who’s in Charge?’ (Parenting Programme)

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and am so pleased I signed up for it.  I learnt so much (strategies, tips, advice) that hasn’t been covered in other courses I’ve attended. I could see positive changes in our family dynamics within a short space of time.  It was a great small group and we were able to support each other.

Lyn was excellent in delivering the course, she’s extremely knowledgeable, committed and down to earth.  I therefore felt very comfortable asking for advice with different challenges I was facing with my daughter.

Lyn’s passion to help families really shines through and I would highly recommend this course.

EM (Reading) 
EM (Reading)

Just 6 sessions later…

I was put forward by my sons social worker for this course and I was a bit sceptical about it as I have done so many courses and just thought “oh here goes another” but to my surprise Lyn’s approach is very different from anything else out there. I can honestly say her way of thinking/doing really does have a positive effect. Things had been very difficult/tense within my household my son has autism and ADHD and the last few years had been a downward spiral. Having done this course I feel more positive and things with my son have improved we have better communication and a positive safety plan put into place now if and when he has a bad day. I would recommend Lyn to any parents/Carers struggling. I have also requested a follow up session with Lyn to check in on how things are going.

ET (Reading) 
ET (Reading)

The extra mile with a smile is a good summary for Lyn

By an unfortunate circumstance my 48yr old son with autism was between supported living houses and Care Cos when the lockdown began.  Lyn has been working with him for a couple of years but more intensively recently as she is the only professional support I have at the moment.

My son is a complex character: in some ways typical and in others far from it.  He needs stimulation and interesting things to do as well as routines.  She changed the arrangement of her hours to provide help 6 days per week but if not busy, is in no hurry to leave him.  He looks forward to her coming.  He has made progress and is now beginning to say what he does and does not want and say how he feels sometimes.  Having spent all his life not being able to do that it is wonderful.

Lyn has a positive and gentle attitude.  She teaches by example and discussion never saying one is wrong but by discussion reinforces the positive.  If I was asked « Can you recommend Lyn? » My answer would be « Indeed I can. »

Mrs Julie M (Reading) 
Mrs Julie M (Reading)

Supporting Young ADHD Adult

Lyn has been in an essential role motivating and supporting my ADHD young adult. Also with her help with application process, he is starting his studies for his dream job.

Lyn understands perfectly how to communicate with and coach young people. I cannot recommend her enough!

Mrs M (Fleet) 
Mrs M (Fleet)

Solutions For My Son

Lyn has advised and offered solutions to my son so he managed to successfully graduate from year 8. Lyn worked with my son, she totally related to his school mindset and what made him tick, and drew up an action plan from his responses.

I’ve attended 2 parenting courses run by Lyn, which were both informative and insightful.

Lyn definitely knows her craft, and has a solid background where she is known by teachers and Senco staff, which is a huge benefit when you require feedback/responses.

Thank you Lyn, keep doing the fantastic work you do.

DW (Reading) 
DW (Reading)

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