Lyuba Kisel (Teacher)

Includes Strategies that can be widely used in other Settings!

I have recently completed the ‘Having Difficult Conversations’ course and I believe it is very useful! The course emphasises the importance of preparation and analysis before and after having a difficult conversation. The main focus is on observing, doing, and reviewing, with the final two focusing on achieving resolutions. The strategies shown in the course, for example making targets that are measurable, realistic, and time-related, are widely used in other settings such as when teachers set targets at the Annual Review. Another approach mentioned in the course is the ‘Who, What, Why, When, Where’ which teachers use when analysing behaviours and putting strategies in place to support students. I would recommend this course for all staff!

Mrs Julie M (Reading)

The extra mile with a smile is a good summary for Lyn

By an unfortunate circumstance my 48yr old son with autism was between supported living houses and Care Cos when the lockdown began.  Lyn has been working with him for a couple of years but more intensively recently as she is the only professional support I have at the moment.

My son is a complex character: in some ways typical and in others far from it.  He needs stimulation and interesting things to do as well as routines.  She changed the arrangement of her hours to provide help 6 days per week but if not busy, is in no hurry to leave him.  He looks forward to her coming.  He has made progress and is now beginning to say what he does and does not want and say how he feels sometimes.  Having spent all his life not being able to do that it is wonderful.

Lyn has a positive and gentle attitude.  She teaches by example and discussion never saying one is wrong but by discussion reinforces the positive.  If I was asked « Can you recommend Lyn? » My answer would be « Indeed I can. »

Mr & Mrs P (Reading)

Always Responds Quickly

My husband and I first met Lyn at a Parenting Special Children workshop. We liked her down to earth, no nonsense approach and the fact that she’s got personal experience.
We decided to ask Lyn to visit us at home and she has provided great advice, help and support to us for over a year now. Nothing is too much trouble and she always responds quickly.
Our son is still waiting to see CAMHS, over 2 years down the line, and if it hadn’t been for Lyn we don’t know where we would be now.
Thank you Lyn!
Lisa (Reading)

Lisa from Reading

I first spoke to Lyn Oualah when she called me to invite me on a PPP parenting course – I had been referred to her by social services as I was in crisis managing the behaviour of my 15 year old son who has Asperger’s Syndrome. The next time I heard her voice at the end of the phone she was calling me from the police station – my son had been arrested for assaulting a police officer during a meltdown. I was desperate and had exhausted all avenues to try to help and keep my son safe. “Don’t worry” she said in a calm and confident voice “I am going to help you” – and how she did! Over the next few years Lyn coached and nurtured both me and my son through an often frightful roller-coaster ride from him going into care, to court, adapting to a basic college course, getting work experience and finally finding employment. From coaching basic life skills to preparing us for judgement day in court where my son was being prosecuted for assault on a carer during a meltdown, sometimes on the darkest of days, Lyn kept us on track, continually coaching and supporting us. Every hurdle she jumped with us. Her energy in her work to help us was quiet relentless and over time even my son got to trust and listen to her. After she stopped officially working with us when D reached the age of 18 she remained there for us in time of need and has become a well loved and respected friend. I am eternally grateful for the day Lyn made that phone call to us back in 2011.

In the words of my son “Lyn Oualah – legend!”

Jill Maher, SENCo and Head of Learning Support

SENCo and Head of Learning Support

Lyn is one of the most energetic and highly motivated professionals I have ever worked with when it comes to hands on work with students who have ASD or AD/HD and their parents. Eminently practical and to the point she is able to engage the hard to reach and take people along with her to achieve the desired outcomes. I have chaired many difficult meetings in my work as a SENCo and having Lyn’s skills, strategies, energy and creativity to draw on makes me feel reassured and calm. Lyn is also conscientious and unlike many busy working people today, once she starts a piece of work she is always determined to see it through and so lasting success is a real possibility. Parents really value this, especially those who have been passed from one service to another, never feeling that progress is being made. I can’t recommend anyone better!

Dr. Carsten Vogt, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr. Carsten Vogt

Lyn’s experience through working in different organisations gives her a unique ability to provide a  comprehensive and holistic service to children, young people and their families.

From her past background in education, Lyn has a good understanding of the difficulties children and young people may face both academically as well as socially when going through their education.

As an ADHD coach/trainer, Lyn is highly skilled in working with children and young people with neurodevelopmental conditions such as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder and manage difficulties associated with hyperactive, inattentive and impulsive behaviour or social communication difficulties.

For many years Lyn has been providing training for parents and carers using research evidence based parenting strategies aiming to make parents and carers feel more confident in helping their children, and understand their individual developmental needs.

Lyn is accustomed to situations when young people’s lives might spiral into worrying trajectories of anti-social behaviour and delinquency. These are particularly difficult and challenging times for the young person and their families and through her work in the youth offending service, Lyn has played a major role helping young people overcome complex problems and prevent offending behaviours as well as supporting the parents, who often feel isolated and desperate in these situations.

As a professional, Lyn is very facilitating and approachable. She is considerate of the individual circumstances and cultural backgrounds of the families she works with and her experience in coordinating multi-agency care packages for her clients will offer families valuable advice on what additional support is available for them and their children.

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