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Isn’t it time you had the know-how to Handle ‘Difficult Conversations’ Successfully With Your Child?

Imagine how it would feel to be able to create optimal conditions for open and honest communications!

    Hi there, I’m Lyn and for more than 20 years I’ve been all about supporting parents, professionals and individuals to feel confident about coping and dealing with the challenges that arise when living and/or working with anyone with ADHD, Autism and other additional needs.

You, too, can discover the secrets to planned and yet productive ‘Difficult Conversations’ with your child, knowing that “You don’t have to go it alone because we’re in this together!”

This online training resource explores 5 specific areas of planning and preparation; namely Who, What, Why, When & Where (5W), as well as ensure you become properly equipped with the relevant know-how (1H) to ensure you can  handle ‘Difficult Conversations’ and challenging behaviours with your child far more effectively.

Teacher, Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) 

Accredited ADHD Coach and ASD Advisor

Accredited Practitioner

Licenced Practitioner

Specialist Parenting Practitioner

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Approved Supplier

BSL Levels 1 & 2

Look at what you stand to gain!

 Unlock the skills behind building an atmosphere of understanding & respect with your child rather than one of conflict, antagonism and aggression!

Empower yourself to quickly learn about & easily adapt powerful, proven strategies to suit your own situation and/or circumstances anytime!!

Discover the secret formula to creating conditions for open & honest communication with your child that helps to build greater levels of trust.

Learn to recognise & acknowledge your own limits AND the importance of managing your own emotional state. 

Learn to recognise the importance & influence of your own contribution as to the process AND to reflect on it without judgement. 

 Become clear about what matters & what’s relevant, what’s negotiable or non-negotiable AND what’s achievable.


This online course entitled ‘5W = 1H  A Proven Formula for handling Difficult Conversations successfully’ is based on my unique Observe, Do, Review method which is vital for achieving successful outcomes. 

During the ‘Observe’ phase you will learn how to be able to recognise, without judgement, the areas that need addressing and then plan how to broach them at a time when you can discuss things more objectively and keep your own emotions in check.

When it comes to the ‘Do’ phase and putting things into action, you will be shown how to involve your child in a way that is collaborative in nature and more likely to secure win-win outcomes for all parties.

The final step of the process, the ‘Review’ phase, will help you to assess how the plan went, build on any progress you may have made and provide an opportunity to suggest amendments and /or bring new ideas to the table.

Above all, you will quickly gain an increasing sense of self-belief, feel more resilient and have greater confidence in your ability to talk about issues that need resolving without the fear of making things worse by getting drawn into an argument, being forced to back down or appearing flaky to your child.

I know you don’t have the time to waste on yet another so-called strategy that’s not going to get you any further forward or be to the detriment of your relationship with your child. Equally, I know how much you worry about making things worse even just trying to broach a sensitive or difficult issue.

I completely understand where you are and the solution you need…

…and the fact that you need it NOW!

You see, your child is going to get bigger and stronger to the point where you won’t even feel you can even say, let alone discuss, anything! I’ve seen it happen. I’ve helped hundreds of parents that were having to walk on eggshells just to try and keep the peace which, of course, is untenable in the longer term.

This is exactly why I took my proven 5W=1H formula and have created this online course for you. So that you, too, can start handling ‘Difficult Conversations’ successfully in a matter of hours! Each of the 5Ws relate, in turn, to the WHO – WHAT – WHY – WHEN – WHERE aspects of the process that need to be taken into consideration.  Collectively they make up the 1H, namely the HOW to go about the ‘Difficult Conversation’.

You will be able to recognise the areas that need your attention and prioritise them in terms of urgency and/or what’s at stake!

You will gain ideas and strategies from 5 different perspectives that you can add to your ‘Parenting Toolbox’. And by acting quickly, you will also have full access to the Bonus Teach Materials and Scripts to make sure you hit the ground running!

Within a matter of hours, you will have enough information to start the process of planning for and handling a ‘Difficult Conversation’ successfully alongside additional tools in your ‘Parenting Toolbox’ that you will want to put into practice to help you bring about positive change.



You will feel optimistic about the future and feel that, no matter what the presenting issues or behaviours of your child may be, you will be able to take it all in your stride whilst looking back with a sense of pride and achievement about how far you’ve come in such a short time. And guess what? You will wish you’d had this information at your fingertips sooner!


  I have recently completed the ‘Handling Difficult Conversations Successfully’ course and I believe it is very useful! The course emphasises the importance of preparation and analysis before and after having a difficult conversation.

The main focus is on observing, doing, and reviewing, with the final two focusing on achieving resolutions. The strategies shown in the course, for example making targets that are measurable, realistic, and time-related, are widely used in other settings such as when teachers set targets at the Annual Review.

Another approach mentioned in the course is the ‘Who, What, Why, When, Where’ which teachers use when analysing behaviours and putting strategies in place to support students. I would recommend this course for all staff,too! 

 LK, Bracknell

I was put forward by my son’s social worker to work with Lyn and I was a bit sceptical about it as I have done so many courses and just thought “Oh, here goes another”!

But to my surprise Lyn’s approach is very different from anything else out there. I can honestly say her way of thinking/doing really does have a positive effect. Things had been very difficult/tense within my household as my son has autism and ADHD so the last few years had been a downward spiral.

We have better communication and a positive safety plan put into place now for if and when he has a bad day. 

ET, Reading

Thank you for a fabulous course that you have written in helping me prepare for and handle “Difficult Conversations”. As a Mum to three teenage lads (two with complex ASD and ADHD amongst other things) the subject(s) are at times, very hard, real, intense and sensitive.

As a result of this course, conversations have opened up from usual life stuff to real worries and concerns. I have learnt how to use strategies, listen, make trade-offs, encourage etc and have added many other tools in my virtual tool box.

We’ve managed to sit and discuss at a level, that not only meets their needs but also my own and offer help and clarity along with positive solutions. I’ve found compromises and even found myself modelling some of the language laid out in the scripts that came with the course to good effect.


I first spoke to Lyn when she called me to invite me on a parenting course – I had been referred to her by social services as I was in crisis managing the behaviour of my 15 year old son who has Asperger’s Syndrome.

I was desperate and had exhausted all avenues to try to help and keep my son safe. “Don’t worry” she said in a calm and confident voice “I am going to help you” – and how she did!

Over the next few years Lyn coached and nurtured both me and my son through an, often frightful, roller-coaster ride from him going into care, to court, adapting to a basic college course, getting work experience and finally finding employment. 

LDB, Reading

To discover the secret elements behind a planned yet productive ‘Difficult Conversation’ whilst equipping yourself with all the necessary tools hit the ‘Buy Now!’ button and I’ll see you on the inside!

A picture of founder Lyn Oualah

As a parent of 4 grown-up children, one of whom had a formal diagnosis of ADHD as a child, life has been anything but plain sailing even though I’ve been an accredited ADHD Coach and ASD advisor for more than 15 years.

I’m a teacher with 30 years of experience and have also spent 16 years with a local Youth Offending Service (YOS) both of which have provided me with innumerable opportunities to meet and work with hundreds of parents from all walks of life. 

I am committed to an empathic personal approach that is underpinned with dynamic and credible strategies so that the teaching and learning experiences are manageable and effective.

As a result of running more than 50 courses, 250 individual workshops and facilitating hundreds of 1:1 sessions with and/or for parents I am definitely what you call ‘Qualified in Life’! 

Moreover, I am ready and willing to assist you with whatever situation you are facing right now!

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