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Why should I come to you? What service do you provide? Will you judge me?

It is tough being a parent or carer! You will be in safe hands with RKCS and will NOT be judged! As your prospective coach, I will start from where you currently are and offer you bespoke and personal 1:1 support. The resulting proposed action plan will be implemented at a pace which is both determined and agreed by you. I can also attend or advocate on your behalf when you have to deal with your child’s school/college, other agencies, professionals, acting as the “glue” that holds things together.

Our work together will give you the opportunity to develop and practise new strategies for dealing with the behaviour of your child, as well as help you to respond in a way that sets a good example for other professionals to adopt or follow. As a result your self-belief, confidence and resilience as a parent or carer will increase and your ability to develop a positive relationship with your child will be greatly strengthened.

How do I know if you are any good?

I have a wealth of experience in working with children and their families, parents or carers as well as with dealing with schools, colleges and other agencies or professionals. I have been a teacher for 30+ years and an accredited ADHD Coach and ASD Advisor for 15+ years and have built up a positive reputation. Please take a look at the Testimonials page and see for yourself what others have thought of our work together!

How do I know if coaching will work for me?

The best way to determine whether coaching can work for you is to get in touch with RKCS! In order for coaching to be of benefit of you, it is important to establish a good level of rapport with your coach. You will want to be able to trust and connect with me and so it is vitally important that you feel understood when you talk to me and believe that any advice that I give to you not only makes sense but is also practical, realistic and achievable.

When you get in touch with RKCS, you and I will have the opportunity to talk about your issues and challenges, the goals you would like to achieve and what your expectations are. I will advise you how best you can achieve your goals as well as discuss with you the time frames and input that might be realistically needed to meet your expectations.

Will I be eligible for 1:1 support or will I be told I have to attend a group in order to get support? How long would I have to wait for a group to run?

Wherever it is appropriate and practical to do so, you will be offered bespoke, personal 1:1 support. Further to a conversation with me, it may be more appropriate for you to attend one of my group programmes as this would also give you the chance to share experiences and receive additional support from other parents or carers in similar situations.

There is no specific set of criteria that has to be met in order for a group to run. Neither is there any reason why you should need to wait for more than a matter of weeks before there is a group running near you that is relevant to your needs!

Does my partner and/or child have to come to the session? Can I bring someone else to the session for support?

When two or more people are involved in the day-to-day parenting of a challenging child, the approach and philosophy they each take should be to support one another. While it is not necessary for each parent to be present or participate, the opportunity for both parties to share, hear and explore the presenting challenging or issues with me and each other is of great benefit and recommended.

As the parent or carer, you are in charge! It is, therefore, up to you to decide how you want to engage with me. What works for one family isn’t the ideal for another. It is not always necessary to work simultaneously with the partner alongside the parent or carer. Equally it isn’t always beneficial to attempt to work directly with the child. However, success is more likely to be achieved when all parties agree they want to and do work together to achieve positive change.

It is for you to decide how and where your coaching session takes place and who you want to be present. Whenever someone else is present, the only thing you need to think about is confidentiality in terms of what that person might get to hear about you and yours!

Do you initially come to do a consultation to assess the needs of the parent or carer and that of the child to address a course of action?

Further to your initial contact with RKCS, which is likely to be over the phone, I will suggest you complete a brief assessment-cum-questionnaire. Not only will your answers help to determine and assess your potential needs but they will also provide a framework for deciding on priorities and time frames.

We will regularly review the work we have undertaken together and you will have the opportunity to complete a review questionnaire should you wish so that we can keep an eye on and acknowledge any progress, or indeed any setbacks, and what you want to do next.

What sort of paperwork will I get for my records? Will I be able to use your paperwork as supporting evidence in other settings?

You can expect a professional service from RKCS! I recognise how important it is that you keep a record of our sessions not only in terms of the here and now but also for future reference. I can leave you with informal notes from our session or, equally, I can provide you with a specific and detailed report that is on headed paper for you to present at school/college and other professionals, services or agencies as evidence of our work together, particularly as this may support the case you wish to make on behalf of your child.

A “fit for purpose” report that you wish or need to share with school/college, other professionals, services or agencies would chronicle the discussions, suggested action points, time frames and any subsequent interventions that have been or are to be undertaken as well as highlight any relevant progress or issues yet to be resolved.

Do you guarantee confidentiality? Can I trust and confide in you?

The information that you divulge to RKCS will not be shared with anyone without your permission. The only exception to this relates to issues arising around Safeguarding and Child Protection even then information will be shared on a strictly need-to-know basis and you will be kept appraised of what I have shared with any third party.

How do I get in touch? Is there a waiting list

There is NO waiting list for RKCS! I am ready when you are! Go to the Contact page and complete the form provided or ring the number shown.

What will it cost me? What do you charge?

The initial contact or consultation you have with RKCS will not cost you anything because it is FREE with no obligation, so you have nothing to lose! Prices are determined according to your situation and the precise nature of the support-cum-service that you require from me. You may need to provide a deposit of up to 50%, with the balance due on completion of the session/intervention. Cancellation fees may also apply. If you are a low income family we can look at a price and payment plan to suit your budget. However, sessions lasting 50-60 minutes typically cost around £45-£50 if you live within a 10 mile radius and there are discounts available for multiple or “bundle” bookings. Why not contact me to discuss terms?

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