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What services does RKCS offer?

RKCS can provide professionals with a range of resources and ideas to promote their engagement with families, parents or carers. Equally RKCS can support professionals to further and develop their own Continuous Professional Development (CPD). I have a wealth of experience in and am highly skilled at increasing the likelihood of compliance with a proposed intervention plan for a child and its family, parents or carers. I can also help to maintain positive change when agencies or professionals are no longer involved. With my on-going support, I can help to ensure that a child and its family, parents or carers are less likely to need recourse to these services in the future.

For what type of young people can RKCS offer solutions? Can RKCS work with families rather than individuals?

RKCS offers impartial advice, guidance and practical support for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or other challenging, seemingly unmanageable or extreme behaviours.

RKCS can support not only the individual child but also anyone living or working with the child in question. I can ensure that all parties are given pertinent information in relation to the presenting behavioural issues of the child and are allowed to seek answers to questions that will increase their understanding of the reasons or causes of a child’s behaviour and/or the emotions that are associated with it.

I provide strategies that incorporate solution-focussed techniques to enable the adults to respond to the child in a way that sets a good example whilst guiding the child to devise coping mechanisms and ways to manage its behaviour more appropriately. I also help all parties to develop behaviours that help to promote and maintain the self-esteem and self-worth of the child.

Where and how would RKCS provide its services?

RKCS would provide its services in consultation with the enquiring professional, service or agency and preferably involving the individual child and its family, parents or carer the child from the start because it is important to work in an open and transparent way. I can arrange to meet and have sessions at a time and venue to suit, including evenings and weekends. Meetings can be of a face-to-face nature in an office or in the comfort of the client’s home, take place over the phone or even be conducted remotely via Skype, if appropriate.

If an assessment has been carried out by the professional, service or agency wishing to engage the services of RKCS, it is likely that the time frame, frequency and desired outcomes from the intervention and my involvement will already be pre-determined. In other cases, I can undertake an assessment of need with families and/or parents or carers of the child and liaise with the relevant professional, service or agency to discuss priorities and agree time frames.

Why should we call upon the services of RKCS? What qualifies RKCS to do the job?

RKCS is committed to providing a professional and reliable service. I am a qualified teacher with 30+ years of classroom experience, during which time I have had first-hand knowledge and hands-on experience of intervention work with children and their families, parents or carers. Should you want to know more about my qualifications and Continuous Professional Development then click on the following link: About Lyn.

How do I know if the services RKCS offers are any good?

RKCS has a wealth of experience in working with children and their families, parents or carers as well as with dealing with schools, colleges and other professionals, services or agencies. Over the years I have built up a positive reputation with children, families, parents, carers and professionals alike. Please take a look at the Testimonials page and see for yourself what others have thought of our work together!

What is RKCS’ approach? What are its key policies?

RKCS adopts a Signs of Safety approach that is in keeping with Safeguarding and Child Protection and procedures. I work with integrity and am committed to maintaining confidentiality, ensuring that I operate in an open and transparent way. I am respectful of deadlines and promote solution-focussed ways of thinking which is strengths-based and focuses attention on the concepts and importance of “Sparkly Moments and resilience. I continue to strive to keep abreast of developments and current thinking by reading widely and attending relevant and pertinent training and/or conferences.

What sort of paperwork will RKCS provide for my records?

You can expect a professional service from RKCS! I recognise how important it is that you have a record of conversations and work undertaken. I can provide you with informal notes or a specific and detailed report that is on headed paper as proof of our work together. This would provide you with supporting evidence for a case you may wish or need to make on behalf of the child, its family, parents or carers.

A “fit for purpose” report that you wish or need to share with the child, its family , parents or carers (or someone else outside of the family) would chronicle the discussions, suggested action points, timeframes and any subsequent interventions that have been or are to be undertaken as well as highlight any relevant progress or issues yet to be resolved.

Will a child, its family, parents and carers be eligible for 1:1 support from RKCS? Will the parents and carers be better served by attending a group? How long would I have to wait for a group to run?

Wherever it is appropriate and practical to do so, RKCS will offer bespoke, personal 1:1 support. Further to having a conversation with me, you and I may come to the conclusion that it may be more appropriate for the parents or carers to attend one of my group programmes as this would also give them the chance to share experiences and receive additional support from other parents or carers in similar situations.

There is no specific set of criteria that has to be met in order for a group to run. Neither is there any reason why the parents or carers should need to wait for more than a matter of weeks before there is a group running near them that is relevant to their needs!

How do I get in touch with RKCS? Does RKCS have a waiting list?

There is NO waiting list for RKCS! I am ready when you are! Go to the Contact page and complete the form provided or ring the number shown.

How much will RKCS charge for its services?

The initial contact or consultation you have with RKCS will not cost you anything because it is FREE with no obligation, so you have nothing to lose! Prices are determined according to the precise nature of the support-cum-service that your service or agency requires from me. You may need to provide a deposit of up to 50%, with the balance due on completion of the session/intervention. Cancellation fees may also apply. 1:1 sessions lasting 50-60 minutes typically cost around £55-£60 if the parent or carer lives within a 10 mile radius and there are also discounts available for multiple or “bundle” bookings. I am happy to provide you with a bespoke quotation should you be looking to book a place for a parent or carer on a parenting programme, commission me to run a parenting programme lasting 5/8 weeks on behalf of your service or agency or simply commission me to run a 2 hour interactive workshop for you. Why not contact me to discuss terms?

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