It is a tough job being a parent! As your child gets older, it can become more and more challenging to find ways of changing your child’s behaviour for the better or even know what to do next. As a parent, you may have been struggling with the presenting problematic behaviour at home and/or school for a while, with your child truanting from school or even getting in trouble with the police. I can help to share the burden of this seemingly unforgiving responsibility. Not only can I help you to develop positive parenting skills, I can also provide you with practical support, guidance and advice in relation to:


  • Statutory Education & SEN
  • Family Tensions & Relationships
  • Medical Conditions/Emotional Well-being
  • The Police & the Criminal Justice System



Would you like me to help you “fight your corner” at those dreaded School meetings?

  • I have a raft of experience in dealing with Attendance Panels, Annual Reviews, Pastoral Support Plan Meetings (PSP) and Re-integration Meetings.
  • I can also observe lessons and provide constructive feedback outlining an intervention plan that will help secure a “win-win” outcome for all parties.
  • I have a proven track record of supporting and coaching children, families, parents or carers to find the most productive way to get their voice heard whilst endeavouring to safeguard the child’s school place.



Would you like me to help you with the SEN paperwork to assess or review the ongoing needs of your child?

  • I can provide the SEN team with a detailed account of any direct or indirect involvement I have had with your child to support your case.
  • I can meet with members of the SEN team to help them gain a more accurate interpretation of the needs of your child.
  • I can confirm that SEN colleagues always remark favourably on my contributions to both the statutory assessment process and the compilation of the EHC Plan document.

Children’s Social Care


Would you like me to help you have a voice at those difficult Child Protection, Child in Need (CiN) or Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings?

  • I can explain the role and work of Children’s Social Care to you in words which you will understand.
  • I can help you to gain an awareness of the potential implications of the process as well as support you to meet the demands that may be placed upon you.
  • Most importantly I can help to ensure that you are represented at any official meetings with this service, without fear of judgement.



Would you like me to help you to be able to share your concerns with Paediatricians and/or other medical professionals?

  • I can help you to gather and reflect upon any personal information that is relevant to your child and your child’s needs.
  • I can support you to present your case in a way that will lend weight to your initial referral and help to increase subsequent engagement with CAMHS or other medical professionals.
  • I can act as the “go-between” with other services and/or agencies to ensure other vital corroborative information is included alongside your personal information.



Would you like me to help you to successfully navigate your way through your involvement in the Criminal Justice System?

  • I can ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities within the processes that are followed at either the Police Station or at Court so that you know what to expect.
  • I can help you and your child to deal with the Police in a way that is less stressful and more likely to result in co-operation, information sharing and mutual respect.
  • I can ensure your child’s Special Educational Needs and/or preferred Learning Style is taken into account in order to maximise the usefulness of the intervention.



Would you like me to help you on a 1:1 basis or would you like the opportunity to attend a Parenting Programme facilitated by me?

  • I can arrange to meet and have sessions with you that are in the comfort of your own home, at a venue chosen by you or that are conducted remotely via Skype.
  • I can have sessions with you that start from where you are and that are at your own pace. These can be with or without your child, partner or other interested parties.
  • I can carry out the following parenting programmes with you on a 1:1 basis or in a group setting:
    1. Time out for Parents: Children with Special Needs, ADHD, ASD.
    2. Positive Parenting Programme® – Teen (Triple P) – evidence-based
    3. “Who’s in Charge?” (“WiC?”) Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (APVA).
  • I can help you complete a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application for you or your child, formerly known as Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Our Products & Training

RKCS is committed to providing services, events, training, products and/or materials that are tailored to suit and meet the individual needs of Parents, Carers and/or Professionals alike in order to secure the best outcomes for all parties. Learn more about our products and training.

parenting programmes

We offer 1:1 or group sessions, which can be run in the evening, the daytime or at the weekend to suit your requirements. Delivered in a way that supports families, parents or carers who may lead busy or chaotic lives and/or who may have had their own poor experiences during childhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

It is tough being a parent or carer! You will be in safe hands with me and will NOT be judged! As your prospective coach, I will start from where you currently are and offer you bespoke and personal 1:1 support that is based on an Observe, Do Review approach. Together we will create an innovative set of solutions that you can introduce at a pace which is both determined and agreed by you.  I can also attend or advocate on your behalf when you have to deal with your child’s school/college, other agencies and/or professionals.       

How do I know if coaching will work for me?

When you get in touch with RKCS, you and I will have the opportunity to talk about your issues and challenges, the goals you would like to achieve and what your expectations are. I will advise you how best you can achieve your goals as well as discuss with you the timeframes and input that might be realistically needed to meet your expectations.

What sort of paperwork will I get for my records? Will I be able to use your paperwork as supporting evidence in other settings?

You can expect a professional service from me! I can leave you with informal notes from our session or, equally, I can provide you with a specific and detailed report that is on headed paper for you to present at school/college, to other agencies or professionals as evidence of our work together and which may support the case you wish to make on behalf of your child.

What geographical area do you cover and will I have to come to you?

I typically cover the whole of Berkshire and much of Oxfordshire but I am also willing to travel as far as is practicable in order to support you. Equally, given the range of social media and technological platforms that are readily available such as Zoom, Teams, Skype and FaceTime, distance should be no longer be a problem at all! 

Do you guarantee confidentiality?

Any information divulged to me will not be shared with anyone without your express permission except for issues and/or concerns relating to Safeguarding and Child Protection. Information will be shared on a strictly need-to-know basis and you will be kept apprised of what I have shared with any third party.

What do you charge?

Any initial contact or consultation will not cost you anything but your time! Prices are determined according to your situation, location and the precise nature of the support and/or service that you require from me. Sessions lasting 50-60 mins typically cost £50-60 but may be subject to an additional fee if you live outside of a 15mile radius. There are discounts available for multiple or “bundle” bookings and if yours is a low-income family, I can provide you with a price and payment plan to suit your budget.  




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