RKCS is committed to providing services, events, training, products and/or materials that are tailored to suit and meet the individual needs of Parents, Carers and/or Professionals alike in order to secure the best outcomes for all parties.

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Assertive Management Strategies For Parents – Gain Without Pain.

This course comprises 3 Modules: Controlling ‘Obnoxious’ Behaviour, Encouraging Good Behaviour & Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships. It includes a Pre/Post course questionnaire, case studies and Bonus Teach materials to support your learning!

Whole Course Cost £247.00

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Controlling Obnoxious Behaviour.

Module A contains 3 specific strategies: Planned Ignoring, Counting 123 and Guided Discussion to replace STOP & DON’T. You will learn how to support your child to replace obnoxious behaviour with behaviour that is more worthy of your attention.

Module A Cost £117.00

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Encouraging Good Behaviour.

Module B contains 3 specific strategies: Concrete Praise, Simple Clear Instructions and Consequences. You will learn how to encourage your child to demonstrate good behaviour and see that he/she will rewarded with more favourable attention from you!

Module B Cost £117.00

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Strengthening Parent – Child Relationships.

Module C contains 3 specific strategies: Common Ground Communications, Spending Time Together and Pro-social Modelling. These strategies combine to make life with your child more enjoyable and rewarding as well as provide you with ideas for future reference.

Module C Cost £117.00

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A guide to the PROCESS behind preparing for & handling ‘Difficult Conversations’ successfully that’s based on an Observe, Do, Review approach. The concept Healing v Harm underpins the entire ethos of the course & is an integral part of all 5 modules. Relevant and accessible to people from all walks of life!

Cost £47.00

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A collection of 28 practical ideas and insights for parents and carers alike. You will feel encouraged to develop or try out new strategies for dealing with the behaviour of your child, respond in a way that sets a good example as well as encourage you to have greater self-belief in your ability to parent your child.

Cost £1.97

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A further 30 ideas and insights for both parents and carers alike. They will provide you with practical advice that support you to build on and/or strengthen your existing positive parenting skills whilst suggesting ways to help your practice to be more effective.

Cost £1.97

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