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The key for a successful working relationship is to be able to have “difficult conversations” that do not result in a breakdown of communication between parties. When working with children and their families that have a range of complex needs you need the ability to assimilate a wealth of information from a range of sources, supplemented by a degree of professional “curiosity and judgement” in order to complete a timely assessment. You also have to ensure that adequate safeguarding procedures are in place whilst you put forward your proposals to achieve relevant, positive changes.

It can be daunting to find a way of engaging with a child and their family, parents or carers for the first time and be even more challenging to maintain momentum. Problems can also arise when you liaise with professionals from other agencies or teams, let alone endeavour to develop mutually agreeable goals. Equally, thresholds for intervention can differ enormously between services and/or agencies and the “professional jargon” used may be quite different.

Given my background in education and unique professional experience I can support you to improve the effectiveness of your communication and engagement with all parties. This can also include Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and is easily achievable both on a 1:1 basis and via a whole team setting through bespoke training sessions or interactive workshops.



Let me help you with ideas and strategies that support effective classroom management, as well as furnish you with the relevant language needed, in order to reduce the need for Fixed Term and Permanent exclusions. Let me support you to secure improved parental engagement that not only promotes the best interests of the child but also has favourable regard with Ofsted.



Let me help you capture the fuller picture of the needs and aspirations of the child, as well as the hopes and concerns of the parents/carers, as you complete the statutory assessment and review processes. Let me support you to gain as accurate an interpretation of the information gathered from all parties as possible and allow me to collaborate with you to produce an EHC Plan that is “fit for purpose”.

Children’s Social Care


Let me help you to reduce the likelihood of family breakdown or the need for a child to have to be taken into care. Let me assist you with your involvement and work with children and families with complex needs, acting as an additional resource or “critical friend”. Let me support you to ensure safeguarding concerns are fully addressed and to promote a working model of “best practice”.



Let me help you secure increased engagement at appointments and subsequent compliance with treatment in order to help reduce the number of “no-shows” that are recorded. Let me be the person you endorse to carry out any recommended intervention in the community setting, safe in the knowledge that I will work with integrity, maintain confidentiality and keep you informed.



Let me help you to understand the intricacies behind the behaviours displayed by children, adolescents and even adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other Learning Needs or Disabilities. Let me provide you with the language and strategies front-line staff will need to reduce the likelihood of confrontation and unnecessary entry into the Criminal Justice System

Our Products & Training

RKCS is committed to providing services, events, training, products and/or materials that are tailored to suit and meet the individual needs of Parents, Carers and/or Professionals alike in order to secure the best outcomes for all parties. Learn more about our products and training.

parenting programmes

We offer 1:1 or group sessions, which can be run in the evening, the daytime or at the weekend to suit your requirements. Delivered in a way that supports families, parents or carers who may lead busy or chaotic lives and/or who may have had their own poor experiences during childhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does RKCS offer?

RKCS can provide professionals with a bespoke training package (CPD) as well as a range of resources and/or ideas that will promote both their engagement with individuals, families and parents (carers) not to mention increase the likelihood of compliance!  I can also be commissioned to propose and undertake a bespoke intervention plan or simply support a child and/or its parents (carers) to maintain positive change when certain agencies or professionals are no longer involved.

For what type of young people and/or families can RKCS offer solutions?

RKCS offers impartial advice, guidance and practical support to all children and/or adults across the board and particularly those with Special Educational Needs (SEN) such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and any other challenging, seemingly unmanageable or extreme behaviours. RKCS can also support anyone living or working with the individual in question.

What qualifies RKCS to do the job?

RKCS is committed to providing a professional and reliable service. I am a qualified teacher with 30+ years of classroom experience, during which time I have had first-hand knowledge and hands-on experience of intervention work with children and their families, parents or carers. Do refer to the ‘About Me’ and “Testimonials” pages for more information.

What is RKCS’ approach? What are its key policies?

RKCS adopts a Signs of Safety approach that is in keeping with Safeguarding and Child Protection procedures. I work with integrity and am committed to maintaining confidentiality, whilst ensuring communication between parties is open and transparent. I am respectful of deadlines and incorporate an Observe, Do, Review approach which promotes a solution-focussed and strengths-based way of thinking.

What sort of paperwork will RKCS provide for my records?

You can expect a professional service from RKCS! I can provide you with informal notes and/or a specific and detailed report on headed paper as proof of any work undertaken to act as supporting evidence in respect of the child or adult, its family and/or parent (carer).

How much will RKCS charge for its services?

Any initial contact or consultation will not cost you anything but your time! Prices are determined according to the situation, location and precise nature of the support and/or service that you require from me.  Sessions with individuals typically cost £50-60 and last 50-60 mins, but may be subject to an additional fee if the individual lives outside of a 15mile radius. I am happy to provide a bespoke quotation for other services such as commissioning a 2-hour interactive workshop for you or running a parenting programme lasting 5/8 weeks on behalf of your agency/service. Cancellation fees may also apply and will be confirmed at the time of booking.

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