HC (Reading)

Letter from Helen

Dear Lyn, Thank you for a fabulous course. As the weeks went on the subject matter and strategies got more intense as real and I added many other tools in my tool box. This week, even from hospital I’ve had two situations with the children and I’ve managed to put in place two ‘Contracts’ as solutions. I’ve found compromises and even finding myself say “I will speak to you however if you shout or swear at me I will end the conversation at that point until you can talk calmly “. I’ve learnt to acknowledge feelings good and bad on both myself and children and not to dismiss them. I find myself controlling the situation more and giving space when space is needed. Bartering or trading off has even resulted in a tidy bedroom on one occasion! I’ve realised I don’t need to do as much as I do and have refrained in some aspects and when I do choose to do something, it’s appreciated and thanked. Makes me feel happier too. The course has been sad, fun and even heavy at times however it has been so useful and informative and powerful and something I will use and never forget. You and your co-facilitator are great mentors as you are real and just get “it” no amount of classroom training could ever give that, a right comedy duet act at times. It’s fabulous you run these courses as people need you and these invaluable “Tools” you have given not only to me but also my family, as a parent of a teenagers these should be essential to all. Thank you so very very much! H & the rest of the Family C (Reading)