Jill Maher, SENCo and Head of Learning Support

SENCo and Head of Learning Support

Lyn is one of the most energetic and highly motivated professionals I have ever worked with when it comes to hands on work with students who have ASD or AD/HD and their parents. Eminently practical and to the point she is able to engage the hard to reach and take people along with her to achieve the desired outcomes. I have chaired many difficult meetings in my work as a SENCo and having Lyn’s skills, strategies, energy and creativity to draw on makes me feel reassured and calm. Lyn is also conscientious and unlike many busy working people today, once she starts a piece of work she is always determined to see it through and so lasting success is a real possibility. Parents really value this, especially those who have been passed from one service to another, never feeling that progress is being made. I can’t recommend anyone better!