Mrs Julie M (Reading)

The extra mile with a smile is a good summary for Lyn

By an unfortunate circumstance my 48yr old son with autism was between supported living houses and Care Cos when the lockdown began.  Lyn has been working with him for a couple of years but more intensively recently as she is the only professional support I have at the moment. My son is a complex character: in some ways typical and in others far from it.  He needs stimulation and interesting things to do as well as routines.  She changed the arrangement of her hours to provide help 6 days per week but if not busy, is in no hurry to leave him.  He looks forward to her coming.  He has made progress and is now beginning to say what he does and does not want and say how he feels sometimes.  Having spent all his life not being able to do that it is wonderful. Lyn has a positive and gentle attitude.  She teaches by example and discussion never saying one is wrong but by discussion reinforces the positive.  If I was asked « Can you recommend Lyn? » My answer would be « Indeed I can. »